Mayberry streaming Beautiful Mess EP in its entirety

Mayberry have issued a full stream of their latest EP Beautiful Mess, take it in below via Celeb Secrets. Frontman Esteban Rodriguez said of the effort:

“I’m extremely eager to release Beautiful Mess. I think this EP showcases who we are today & what Mayberry has become over the last few years. We went into this project with one goal, and that was to write the best music we can. I think this album will appeal to all music lovers in general. There’s a bit of everything in this record, from fun upbeat pop music, to edgy alternative styles & even simple acoustic love ballads. We wear our heart on our sleeves and try to be as honest with our music as possible. I feel like fans can feel the authenticity and emotion in our music, which is why we feel this EP stands out. We’re here to make a statement and we’re in this for the long haul”

The Beautiful Mess EP will be available tomorrow, but you can pre-order it today on iTunes.

Beautiful Mess track listing:

1. “Wildfire”
2. “On Top Of The World”
3. “Say What You Want From Me”
4. “Don’t Be Shy”
5. “Find My Way”
6. “Coming Home To You”

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