Madder Mortem debut stream of new record Red In Tooth And Claw


Avant metal faction Madder Mortem dropped their sixth record, Red In Tooth And Claw, today through Dark Essence Records. You can listen to the effort in its entirety below courtesy of Noisey. Vocalist Agnete M. Kirkevaag said of the album:

“We’ve been away for seven years. It’s been a long wait, both for you and us, but we’re back, and back with a vengeance. Like always before, we’ve made an album that represents absolutely nothing except exactly the music we want to make. We want to make music that is different. We want to make music that assumes that the listener is too smart to accept stale, second-hand ideas hidden in non-threatening commercialist packaging and production. We want to make music that demands your attention, that you must invest in to understand, but that will keep giving you something fresh on the tenth and the hundredth listen. We want to make music that is true and real and living, that freaks you out or thrills you, that you love or hate, but that will never leave you indifferent. That’s what Red In Tooth And Claw is about to us, and what we hope it will be about to you as well. Pay your dues to howl with the underdogs!”

Physical orders can be placed here – CD copies are available now, with vinyl set to arrive on December 6th. Digital versions can be found at this location.

Red In Tooth And Claw track listing:

1. “Blood On The Sand”
2. “If I Could”
3. “Fallow Season”
4. “Pitfalls”
5. “All The Giants Are Dead”
6. “Returning To The End Of The World”
7. “Parasites”
8. “Stones For Eyes”
9. “The Whole Where Your Heart Belongs”
10. “Underdogs”