Lumen stream new record Sharing An Eye

Band: Lumen
Album: Sharing An Eye
Release Date: March 23rd, 2018
Label: Imminence Records

Streaming exclusively via Ouch That Hertz

Vocalist Marc Kniphfer commented on the record:

“Our debut record tells a grim story of death, betrayal, and deceit. Beginning with the slaughter of one’s entire family, leaving only his brother behind to mourn their deaths, portrayed in ‘Moon Reader’. I leave the rest of the tale to the listener, although some may find it familiar. I’m excited for you all to take this journey with us, whether it be through the story or the music itself. Share your ears with us, and hear a record that highlights all of our separate musical influences. I give you Sharing An Eye.”


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  • Sharing An Eye track listing:

    1. “Moon Reader”
    2. “The Sound”
    3. “1000 Birds”
    4. “Kirin”
    5. “Kaleidoscope”
    6. “Life Disease”
    7. “Indra’s Arrow”