Lost In Separation premiere “Wasted Youth” video; stream Sister Moon

Band: Lost In Separation
Song: “Wasted Youth”
Album: Sister Moon
Release Date: July 13th, 2018 (re-release)
Label: Pale Chord Music

Vocalist Garrett Parsa said of the re-release:

“We’re super excited to finally be bringing you guys the re-release of Sister Moon! We feel that these new tracks really pushed our creativity, and show how we’ve started to evolve as artists. We hope everyone enjoys Sister Moon as much as we do!”


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  • Sister Moon track listing:

    1. “Wasted Youth”
    2. “Windburner”
    3. “Deathwish”
    4. “Sister Moon”
    5. “Problems”
    6. “Delirium”
    7. “Winter Sleep”
    8. “The Endeavor”
    9. “Ghosts”
    10. “Bury Me”
    11. “Winter Sleep”