Lost In Kiev release video for new track “Lifelooper”

Band: Lost In Kiev
Song: “Lifelooper”
Album: Persona
Release Date: April 26th, 2019
Label: Pelagic Records

Notes the band of the clip:

‘Lifelooper’ evokes a future where we can create avatars of ourselves; a future that somehow proposes to transform our lives into an infinite loop or a perfect circle. The music video shows this concept by using the prism of the mirror on the main shot and also by the circular shot which in the end is intensely used. This track was one of the first composed and one of the most difficult to finish. We did a couple of versions of this one, and the end totally changes the second part of the track. That leads us to create an almost full electronic and punchy part; something really new for us. We found that this contrast with the heavy post metal beginning sounds really interesting for the concept of the track. The track is a kind of sequencing of different loops.”


[via PopMatters]