Lord Of War stream new album Suffer in full

This past Friday saw the release of Lord Of War’s blistering sophomore full-length Suffer through Unique Leader. The effort is streaming in its entirety below if you wish to brutalize your eardrums with some death metal, of which guitarist Alexx Walshaw comments:

“With Suffer, we wanted to make music that we loved hearing from our past influences, that sadly, wasn’t being played much anymore. It seemed as though a lot of bands just weren’t playing raw, heavy music anymore. Certainly nothing that was memorable or catchy enough to take home from watching bands at shows. We said, ‘fuck that,’ and set out to get back to making heavy music that was also catchy, while leaving room for the more modern stuff. Our goal was to make something that, no matter who you were, where you came from, or what you liked, we had something for you. I think we did pretty well in achieving that and hopefully everyone will find something that they enjoy about Suffer. Thank you so much for everyone who has been on this journey with us. It means the world to us and we can’t wait to share this with you all!”

Head over to the label’s IndieMerch page to get your copy of Suffer today.

Suffer track listing:

1. “Age Of Heresy”
2. “Nexus Of Hate”
(feat. Nick Arthur)
3. “Embryo”
4. “Suffer”
5. “Behold The Harvest”
6. “Manufactured Existence”
7. “Skin”
8. “Carbon Based Genocide”
9. “Hamunaptra”
10. “Drowning”
11. “Killing Must Feel Good To God”

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[via Decibel]