Liv Sin premiere video for “Immortal Sin” feat. Jyrki 69 of The 69 Eyes

Liv Sin have debuted an official video for their new track “Immortal Sin”, featuring a guest appearance by Jyrki 69 of The 69 Eyes. The song is a cover of Rob Halford‘s Fight project. Eponymous frontwoman Liv Sin said of it:

Stefan and I are both Halford fans and during the recording we had a YouTube evening with only Halford songs, and we came across ‘Immortal Sin’ and we both love the riff. Stefan suggested that I do a cover of it so we tried it out the next day but I felt that something was missing, maybe another voice. And the song is perfect for a deep lower voice, so I called up my friend Jyrki from The 69 Eyes and asked him if he was interested, and the rest is history!”

The group’s new record Follow Me is out now on Despotz Records. Copies are available for purchase at the label’s Big Cartel, iTunes, and Amazon.

Follow Me track listing:

1. “The Fall”
2. “Hypocrite”
3. “Let Me Out”
4. “Black Souls”
5. “Godless UItopia”
6. “Endless Roads”
7. “Killing Yourself To Live”
8. “I’m Your Sin”
9. “Emperor of Chaos”
10. “Immortal Sin”
11. “The Beast Inside”

[via Metalholic]