Listen to The Crown’s new record Cobra Speed Venom

Band: The Crown
Album: Cobra Speed Venom
Release Date: March 16th, 2018
Label: Metal Blade Records

  • Cobra Speed Venom track listing:

    1. “Destroyed By Madness”
    2. “Iron Crown”
    3. “In The Name Of Death”
    4. “We Avenge!”
    5. “Cobra Speed Venom”
    6. “World War Machine”
    7. “Necrohammer”
    8. “Rise In Blood”
    9. “Where My Grave Shall Stand”
    10. “The Sign Of The Scythe”
    11. “Nemesis Diamond”
    (bonus track
    12. “The Great Dying” (bonus track
    13. “Ride The Fire” (bonus track)