Listen to Strife’s Live At The Troubadour in full

Band: Strife
Album: Live At The Troubadour
Release Date: November 24th, 2017
Label: WAR Records

Streaming exclusively via Decibel. Guitarist Andrew Kline offered on the set:

“After a very long wait, I’m excited to finally see Live At The Troubadour being released! We filmed this show back in 2005, without a concrete plan regarding its release, so I am really happy that it’s now out on my label, WAR Records! Over the years we have had so many people ask us about the DVD and when it was coming out… Here it is! I hope it was worth the wait!”


  • Bandcamp
  • iTunes
  • Check with your local Record Store Day participating store for the vinyl.

    Live At The Troubadour track listing:

    1. “Waiting”
    2. “Grey”
    3. “Will To Die”
    4. “Untitled”
    5. “Rise Again”
    6. “Angel Wings”
    7. “Blistered”
    8. “Lift”
    9. “Through And Through”
    10. “Force Of Change”
    11. “What Will Remain”