Listen to Slagduster’s new single “Peeping Ron”

Canadian “bump n’ groove” metallers Slagduster are streaming the first single of their new record Deadweight titled “Peeping Ron”. The band said of the track:

‘Peeping Ron’ encompasses many aspects of our upcoming album Deadweight. Grooved rhythm, technical riffing, odd time signatures and pummeling vocals are layered over complex drum work seems to be constant theme on this record. Enjoy!”

Regarding the new album, vocalist Shane Sherman adds:

“Naturally our sound has come a long way since our debut release in 2010. The music is more complex, and much more developed, still heavy, but even more groove based. Listeners can expect to be challenged by focusing on the compositions, or lost in the musical landscape.”

The group will be releasing Deadweight on May 5th.

Deadweight track listing:

1. “Soldiers Of Meth”
2. “Peeping Ron”
3. “Profane Puppet”
4. “Mother’s Milk”
5. “Mushroom Stomp”
6. “On All Fours”
7. “Cheer Up Clown”
8. “Ivory Into Coal”
9. “Untouchable”

[via The Sludgelord]