Listen to Sanzu’s Heavy Over The Home in its entirety

Australian metal faction Sanzu’s debut full-length Heavy Over Home has received a bit of a makeover now that Listenable Records has re-released it. The cover art has been revised and the album now includes a copy of the band’s Painless EP as bonus tracks. A full stream of the record is available for listening below. The new version was released this past Friday and can be purchased at Listenable’s webstore on CD and limited edition orange vinyl.

Heavy Over The Home track listing:

1. “Old Orchard Floor”
2. “Phenomena”
3. “Ubiety”
4. “Tailor”
5. “Those Who Sleep In The East”
6. “Awaken”
7. “Heavy Over The Home”
8. “The Chill”
9. “Loss”
10. “Colourblind”
11. “18 Days Of Rain” *
12. “For All” *
13. “Defamer” *
14. “Variant Red” *
15. “Lunar Crush” *

* = Painless EP

Sanzu 2

[via No Clean Singing]