Listen to Night Verses’ Into The Vanishing Light in full

Night Verses new record Into The Vanishing Light can now be heard in its entirety, take it in below. The album drops this Friday, July 8th through Graphic Nature/Equal Vision. Get your copy ahead of its release with a pre-order from MerchNOW or iTunes.

Into The Vanishing Light track listing:

1. “The Future As History: I Love You Dead”
2. “Connecting Hexes”
3. “Drift”
4. “A Dialogue In Cataplexy”
5. “Vantablack”
6. “Faceless Youth”
7. “Panic And Pull Your Heart Out”
8. “Growing Out Of Orbit”
9. “Blue Shades Of The Sun”
10. “Strange Graves”
11. “Phoenix III: Into The Vanishing Light”

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