Listen to Methra’s Acolyte LP in its entirety

Today marks the official release of Tucson-based sludge duo Methra’s debut effort Acolyte. The record arrives through Battleground Records, who had the following to say of it:

“You know, I’m not even sure what is going on with this band. It’s the weirdest album from the weirdest dudes. I don’t ask about the process. I don’t want to know. Would you ask Lisa Frank why everything is fluorescent? No. Would you ask Matt Pike where his shirt is? No. No way, man. No way.”

Get your copy of Acolyte by following this link.

Acolyte track listing:

1. “Silverbar”
2. “If Everything Is Terrible, Then Nothing Is”
3. “Hartley’s Cult”
4. “Meridian”
5. “Creeper”
6. “Dead Ram”
7. “Pike Warship”
8. “S.P.S.”
9. “Heshlaw”
10. “Organ Trail”

Methra 2

[via The Obelisk]