Listen to Gridfailure’s new song “Target Rich Environment”

Experimental/ambient project Gridfailure is streaming a new song titled “Target Rich Environment”. The track features guest trumpet by Leila Abdul-Rauf and synth by Jeff Wilson in addition to the vocals, bass, guitar, percussion, electronics, field recordings, and more by Gridfailure’s David Brenner. The outfit’s new effort Hostile Alchemy is slated to hit shelves on March 24th, with pre-orders available here. Pre-orders of Hostile Alchemy and DendriticGridfailure‘s collaborative effort with Megalophobe – will result in the planting of a tree throughout the New York City and Hudson Valley region.

Hostile Alchemy track listing:

1. “Unveiled Abyss”
2. “Target Rich Environment”
3. “Kompromat”
4. “Mannequins”
5. “Surrogates”
7. “Scourge Telepathy”
8. “Hostile Alchemist”
9. “Fallout Curtain”

[via Toilet Ov Hell]