Listen to Gourmand’s new record Blossoming From The Grave

Missouri progressive, tech-death outfit Gourmand independently released their sophomore album Blossoming From The Grave this past Friday. The effort is streaming in its entirety below and can be purchased via Bandcamp. The band said of the effort:

Blossoming From The Grave is our second independent release in two years and with this record, we executed a large leap in both production quality and song writing. A loose concept album, Blossoming From The Grave is a collection of songs exploring the spectrum of human emotions, good and bad, dealing with topics such as coping with death, celebrating new life, and growing older. Ultimately it is an album of self reflection and growth with moments of religious and social commentary. Coming from traditional death metal backgrounds it was important for us to break the mold and push our boundaries with this release, experimenting even more so than we did on our first album with the use of cello, keys, and clean vocals while maintaining an undeniably aggressive sound.”