Listen to Equipoise’s new album, Demiurgus, in full

Band: Equipoise
Album: Demiurgus
Release Date: March 8th, 2019
Label: The Artisan Era Records

Demiurgus track listing:

  1. “Illborn Augury”
  2. “Sovereign Sacrifices”
  3. “Alchemic Web of Deceit”
  4. “A Suit of My Flesh”
  5. “Shrouded”
  6. “Sigil Insidious”
  7. “Reincarnated”
  8. “Dualis Flamel”
  9. “Eve of the Promised Day”
  10. “Waking Divinity”
  11. “Ecliptic”
  12. “Squall of Souls”
  13. “Cast Into Exile”
  14. “Ouroboric”

[via Metal Injection]