Listen to Architects’ eighth studio record Holy Hell in full

Band: Architects
Album: Holy Hell
Release Date: November 9th, 2018
Label: Epitaph Records

Drummer Dan Searle issued the following statement regardin the record’s release:

“Our eighth album, Holy Hell, is released today. I always had faith that we would make this album a reality, but now that the day has arrived I feel a sense of disbelief.

Two years ago we were just wrapping up our first stretch of touring without Tom and once we returned home we set about building this record from the ground up. It seemed like a mountain to climb.

I’ve already seen so many kind things said about the album and that its already connecting with so many people, all over the world, is a wonderful feeling. Thank you.

At every stage of this records creation I asked myself ‘would Tom like this?’. We kept him present throughout the writing process. Bizarrely today is bittersweet for me. Of course I feel great joy that the album is out there, in the world, and being enjoyed by so many people, but I also feel as though I am letting go of our final collaboration with Tom. I’m letting go of the album that helped see me through some of the most difficult days of my life.

We are more excited for the future than ever though. The unsung hero of this album is Josh. A man who has quietly come in and made these songs possible. We can’t thank him enough.

This album was written for one person. Someone who inspired us to always strive for better. Someone we miss so much, especially today. This album is for Tom.



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  • Holy Hell track listing:

    1. “Death Is Not Defeat”
    2. “Hereafter”
    3. “Mortal After All”
    4. “Holy Hell”
    5. “Damnation”
    6. “Royal Beggars”
    7. “Modern Misery”
    8. “Dying To Heal”
    9. “The Seventh Circle”
    10. “Doomsday”
    11. “A Wasted Hymn”