Listen to 7 Minute Martians’ new single “Stutter”

Band: 7 Minute Martians
Song: “Stutter”
Album: Curious
Release Date: March 15th, 2018

Vocalist Wil Viars said of the song:

“It’s a romantic number I wrote about an old girlfriend who had a mild stutter that I found completely endearing. I was going through an incredibly tough time in my life and yet couldn’t stop thinking about her. I thought, ‘Even with all this shit going on, she’s still on my mind. What is it about her that I just can’t seem to let go?’ So I decided to write a song about it.”


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  • Curious track listing:

    1. “Never Miss A Beat”
    2. “Hasta La Vista”
    3. “Lost & Unfound”
    4. “All For Nothing”
    5. “Hold On”
    6. “Damn Near Perfect”
    7. “Meteors”
    8. “Girl Of My Dreams”
    9. “Stutter”
    10. “Oranges”
    11. “Smoked Out”
    12. “If Only Now”

    7 Minute Martians is:

    Wil Viars – Guitar, Vocals
    Ted Ball – Guitar, Vocals
    Jordan Loper – Bass, Vocals
    Nick Neumeister – Drums

    [via Pure Grain Audio]