Light This City premiere new song “A Grotesque Reflection”

Band: Light This City
Song: “A Grotesque Reflection”
Album: Terminal Bloom
Release date: May 25th, 2018
Label: Creator-Destructor Records

Frontwoman Laura Nichol said of it:

“I’ve always had a fascination with Greek mythology, which a lot of my early Light This City lyrics referenced, and I found myself revisiting similar themes while writing lyrics for ‘A Grotesque Reflection’. Obviously, one of the big questions that myths (and religion) try to answer is: What happens when we die?

Kharon is the name of the ferryman who carries you into the underworld after your death. The line ‘we have always been his passengers’ alludes to feeling like normal life and the ‘life’ of death in the underworld are actually the same thing. So, when I die, and I’m about to approach this hellish place after my death–well, what makes that so different from the life I just came from?

Your reflection in the waters of the underworld is really just a distorted visage of the same reflection you looked at every day in your normal life.”


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