Levels debut new track “Mind” feat. Myke Terry of Volumes

Band: Levels
Song: “Mind” feat. Myke Terry (Volumes)
Album: Levels
Release Date: June 15th, 2018
Label: Famined Records

The group commented:

“We are very pleased with the way the tracks on this record have come together so naturally and cohesively. We have been so fortunate to adopt new listeners to our music. We hope that you will enjoy our latest single ‘Mind’ featuring Myke Terry of Volumes.

This track is only a small footprint of what to expect from the full length debut. ‘Mind’ is simply about the amount of chaos that comes with growing up and the responsibilities that come with it, and wanting to go back to the simple life of our youth that we took for granted. In our early adult lives is usually when we encounter a psychological barrier that can only be overcame through self-reliance.

As fans of Myke Terry we knew he would be a great fit towards taking this track to the depth we desired it to be. He exceed our expectations with what he brought to the table. We would like to thank all of our fans out there that have helped us so much along the way. You guys have truly shaped Levels to what it is now and what it will be in the future.

From dem boys,



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  • Levels track listing:

    1. “May Flower”
    2. “Bloodstream”
    3. “Disorder”
    4. “Alive”
    5. “Cosmic Waves”
    6. “Mind”
    feat. Myke Terry
    7. “Slip”
    8. “Doppelgänger”
    9. “Guilt”
    feat. K. Toomer
    10. “Fall To Earth”
    11. “Define”

    [via idobi Radio]