KMFDM sign with earMUSIC; “best of” compilation due in September


Industrial outfit KMFDM are now a part of the earMUSIC roster. Their first release for the label will be a “best of” compilation titled ROCKS – Milestones Revisited, which is due on September 9th. The group will also be releasing a new full-length next year. The track listing and cover art for the compilation can be found below.

ROCKS – Milestones Reloaded track listing:

1. “Kunst”
2. “Animal Out”
3. “Light”
(remix by Andy Selway)
4. “Son Of A Gun” (remix by Bradley Bills)
5. “Amnesia”
6. “A Drug Against War”
7. “Professional Killer”
(remix by Sascha Konietzko)
8. “(Still) Sucks” (remix by Sascha Konietzko)
9. “Free Your Hate”
10. “Tohuvabohu”
11. “WWIII”
(remix by Sascha Konietzko)
12. “Krank” (remix by Victor Love)
13. “Amnesia” (remix by Marco Trentacoste)
14. “A Drug Against War” (remix by Marco Trentacoste)