King Goat drop lyric video for new track “Doldrum Sentinels”

Photo by: Natalie Z Photography

Band: King Goat
Song: “Doldrum Sentinels”
Album: Debt Of Aeons
Artwork by: Travis Smith (Opeth, Iced Earth, Katatonia)
Release Date: April 20th, 2018
Label: Aural Music

The group said of the record:

“The album is, in many ways, a reflection of the world in which it was conceived; the result of personal mental decline and the resultant pessimistic view of our species. This negativity permeates the record at an atomic level, seeping from between the riffs and spilling like bile from the lyrics themselves. Our sound further expands on the journey that Conduit began, exploring a multitude of paths to do justice to our vision. Debt Of Aeons is upon us and we’re proud to release this record.”


  • Bandcamp
  • Debt Of Aeons track listing:

    1. “Rapture”
    2. “Eremite’s Rest”
    3. “Debt Of Aeons”
    4. “Psychasthenia”
    5. “Doldrum Sentinels”
    6. “-”
    7. “On Dusty Avenues”

    Tour dates w/ Paradise Lost:

    4/20 – Leeds, UK | Temple Of Boom
    4/21 – Birmingham, UK | Asylum
    4/22 – London, UK | The Black Heart
    4/28 – Brighton, UK | Green Door Store

    [via Metal Hammer]