KEN mode premiere new song “Blessed”; outline new record Success

KEN Mode have released a music video for their new track “Blessed” via Noisey. The song is off the band’s forthcoming full-length Success, which has just announced to see release on June 16th through Season Of Mist. Frontman Jess Matthewson said of the song:

“Blessed” is the ultimate statement behind the album’s concept. What is ‘success’? It’s an outsider’s tale; perpetually on the outside looking in. A dual bass salute to our the Swans, Cop shoot Cop and the Cows. Everyone loves an underdog story, but it’s rare that you get the big picture scene in the end, because more often than not, it’s not what you really want to see.”

The track listing and cover art can be found below. Pre-orders are now available via iTunes and New Damage Records:

Success track listing:

1. “Blessed”
2. “These Tight Jeans”
3. “The Owl”
4. “I Just Liked Fire”
5. “Management Control”
6. “A Passive Disaster”
7. “Failing At Fun Since 1981”
8. “A Catalog Of Small Disappointments”
9. “Dead Actors”

KEN Mode - Success