Kaoteon stream new album Damnatio Memoriae; issue guitar playthrough for new track “Raging Hellfire”

Band: Kaoteon
Album: Damnatio Memoriae
Release Date: February 23rd, 2018

Lead guitarist Anthony Kaoteon said of the effort:

“On the first album I wanted the riffs to be direct and in-your-face. Even when I was playing melodies, in the background was blood, fire and death, because that’s our background; growing up there would be planes flying overhead, bombs and explosions. I was dead, but now I’m out of the coffin and facing the world with a better view.”

Regarding the single Kaoteon said:

‘Raging Hellfire’ is a museum of fast melodic but yet brutal black metal riffs. You can take all 13 riffs in the song, play them through an orchestra and still get a dark epic symphony of destruction. My Ibanez Prestige neck allows a very comfortable grip which doesn’t apply to many guitars. I am not tech savvy so I still use the basics. Walid Wolflust (our singer) hates my analog passive old school distortion but I enjoy how bright, crunchy and raw my distortion blazes out of my Seymour Duncan pickups and my Blackstar amp. I hope you enjoy this track as much as I do. Take a guess on which riff in ‘Raging Hellfire’ is the first black metal riff I ever composed even before Walid joined the band in 2001?”


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  • Damnatio Memoriae track listing:

    1. “Damnatio Memoriae”
    2. “Barren Lands”
    3. “Raging Hellfire”
    4. “Venom Of Exalt”
    5. “The Will”
    6. “Non Serviam”
    7. “Light Of Compassion”
    8. “Into The Mouth Of Kaos”
    9. “A Breath”

    [Album stream via Noisey; Playthrough via Guitar World]