Jungle Rot release “Send Forth Oblivion” video, stream self-titled

Jungle Rot have premiered a music video for their track “Send Forth Oblivion”. The Dustin Smith-directed clip is a sequel to the video for their song “The Unstoppable”, off 2009’s What Horrors Await (Napalm). Guitarist Geoff Bub comments:

“The experiments they did prevented them from eliminating us. Operation Oblivion could be their own demise!”

Frontman Dave Matrise said that the lyrically the song:

“…expresses what these surviving soldiers are thinking as they ponder what’s become of humanity. Greed and power has brought the downfall of society. Is there any hope?”

Director Dustin Smith said of the clip:

Dave wanted to take a different approach for this video. Specifically telling us, ‘I don’t want a single shot of us performing, just a full-blown action movie featuring Jungle Rot.’ This was the tenth music video I’ve been involved with for Jungle Rot, so it had to be something special. All of the credit goes to editor Brian Raida, the ass-kicking crew and to the band for going above and beyond during production.”

The song is the opening number of their self-titled record, which is also streaming in full below. That effort hits stores tomorrow through Victory Records. Pre-orders are still available here. Jungle Rot is gearing up to hit the road with Havok and Extinction A.D. on this North American tour.

Jungle Rot

1. “Send Forth Oblivion”
2. “Delusional Denial”
3. “A Burning Cinder”
4. “Triggered”
5. “Fearmonger”
(feat. Schmier)
6. “Stay Dead”
7. “Glory For The Fallen”
8. “Pumped Full Of Lead”
9. “Twisted Mind”
10. “Terrible Certainty”
(Kreator cover)