Join Fatherson in “Charm School”

Band: Fatherson
Song: “Charm School”
Album: Sum Of All Your Parts
Release Date: September 14th, 2018
Label: Easy Life Records

The band said of the new song:

‘Charm School’ is an observation on having to mind your p’s and q’s all the time – and the need to jump through hoops for other people. A charm school is an elocution school where people are taught manners above all else – which might be a little unrealistic for real life.”

On the band’s sound, bassist Marc Strain said:

“As a band we’re always going to have ‘rocky’ songs but Rock music can be very formulaic and boring. We didn’t want this record to just be a carbon copy of Open Book or I Am An Island. Making Waves was the song that made us rethink our process and start to get really excited about this new album.”


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  • Sum Of All Your Parts track listing:

    1. “The Rain”
    2. “Making Waves”
    3. “Gratitude”
    4. “Nothing To No One”
    5. “Oh Yes”
    6. “The Landscape”
    7. “Ghost”
    8. “Reflection”
    9. “Charm School”
    10. “Building A Wall”