Jerkagram stream new track “Three Pillars”

Jerkagram are streaming the first new track from their upcoming record Outer Limbs. Listen to their track “Three Pillars” above courtesy of New Noise Magazine. The band offered:

‘Three Pillars’ excellently showcases the musical sensibilities of Jerkagram. It’s a song of three acts, touching on ambient textured guitars, Swans-like bombast, frenetic drumming, mantric vocals, and an evocative bass-driven ending, all tied together through a core loop.”

Outer Limbs is slated for release on January 29th. Cover art and track listing can be found below.

Outer Limbs track listing:

1. “Coat Of Arms”
2. “Lyra”
3. “Anteater”
4. “Cloud Builder”
5. “Three Pillars”
6. “Orphaned Origin”
7. “Two Pillars”
8. “Empty Gesture”

Jerkagram 1