It’s Not Night: It’s Space debut new track “Starry Wisdom”

CVLT Nation has premiered a new song by psychedelic space rockers It’s Not Night: It’s Space titled “Starry Wisdom”. The band comments:

“The track was born, like most of our songs, out of jam but this one was particularly potent. During the auspicious dog days of July 2013, we had one particular session that delivered to us a lot of the material that wound up on the record. We would jam for twenty-minutes, take a break, jam again, etc. One of those blocks delivered this song petty much in its entirety. We trimmed the fat and rearranged maybe one or two riffs in the middle, but this song basically arrived as is, start to finish, in a way that is different from how we normally work. The title is a nod to Lovecraft as Starry Wisdom is the name of a cult that exists in his mythos.”

The band’s new outing Our Birth Is But A Sleep And A Forgetting is due June 24th through Small Stone Recordings. Pre-orders are available on Bandcamp.