Ion Dissonance sign with Good Fight Music, debut new track “Treading On Thin Ice”

Ion Dissonance 1

Official press release:

Good Fight Music proudly welcomes Ion Dissonance to its family.

From Montreal, Canada, Ion Dissonance was one of the creators and refiners of a sound in the mid-’00s that was equally brutal, technical, and rich with pit-friendly grooves. Along with French Canadian countrymen Despised Icon and US bands like The Red Chord, Ion Dissonance mixed dizzying math and earthquaking heaviness into a vibe that served as a gateway for the death-core boom that followed. Between 2003 and 2010, the band released four albums and toured the world.

Now in 2016, Ion Dissonance is set to return with its fifth album, Cast The First Stone, to be released November 18th on Good Fight Music. Check out new song “Treading on Thin Ice”, from Cast The First Stone, here via Good Fight: