In The Company Of Serpents welcome new member

Photo by: Travis Heacock

Official press release:

Denver doom-bringers In The Company Of Serpents are very pleased to welcome bassist/multi-instrumentalist Ben Pitts (Vimana, Black Sleep Of Kali, To Be Eaten, False Cathedrals) to their ranks. Pitts will join the long-running duo on their upcoming live dates.

Vocalist/guitarist Grant Netzorg said:

“We are happy to announce the addition of Ben Pitts to the lineup. [Drummer] Joe [Weller Myer] and I have discussed adding a multi-instrumentalist for quite a while, as we’re eager to broaden our songwriting options beyond the limitations of a two-piece. We’re in the midst of writing our next album currently, so the timing is perfect to welcome Ben to the fold. He’ll be holding down bass duties, while also contributing parts on lap-steel guitar and layering in other instrumental pieces that we’ve previously had to confine to the studio. This new chapter for the band opens a wealth of new creative possibilities for us, and we’re excited to give everyone a taste of this as Ben joins us on our dates surrounding Scorched Tundra Fest.”

Adds Pitts:

“I’m thrilled to collaborate musically with two good friends and be a part of a band that I’ve been a fan of for years!”