Horseback premiere new song “Lion Killer”

A new Horseback track titled “Lady Killer” has made its debut, check it out above via Decibel. The song is off the bands upcoming full-length Dead Ringers, which is set for release August 12th through Relapse. Mastermind Jenks Miller said of the record overall:

“The muse dictated a creepy, electronic sound palette this time around. Because recent Rose Cross records have been pursuing the pastoral psych-rock sound of Horseback’s 2014 record, Piedmont Apocrypha, we had an opportunity to venture into the heady regions of the ‘hidden reverse.’ This isn’t really new territory for Horseback, as Coil, Nurse With Wound, and a handful of post-punk bands have always been very influential to our sound. But it’s certainly the furthest we’ve traveled in this particular direction.”

Dead Ringers is available for pre-order through the label at this location and at Horseback’s Bandcamp.