Horrendous stream new album, Idol, in full

Band: Horrendous
Album: Idol
Release Date: September 28th, 2018
Label: Season Of Mist

The band said of the record:

“We are incredibly proud to unveil the monstrosity, Idol, in full for the first time. More than ever before, we feel that this work is a seamless, unified entity that demands to be heard in its entirety.

Each piece is a unique variation on a larger thematic whole – scattered limbs ultimately assembled into a towering beast—and we are beyond excited for fans to be able to take a step back and absorb it in full, as it was meant to be experienced.”


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  • Idol track listing:

    1. “…Prescience”
    2. “Soothsayer”
    3. “The Idolater”
    4. “Golgothan Tongues”
    5. “Divine Anhedonia”
    6. “Devotion (Blood for Ink)”
    7. “Threnody…”
    8. “Obulus”

    [via Kerrang!]