Hopesfall announce new record Arbiter,stream first single “H.A. Wallace Space Academy”

Official press release:

Melodic hardcore legends Hopesfall are ready to take 2018 by storm with their explosive new album, Arbiter. The long-awaited follow up to 2007’s Magnetic North, Arbiter marks the band’s first record in over a decade. Fans can check out an exclusive interview, alongside a brand new video for single “H.A. Wallace Space Academy” on Loudwire. Arbiter will be released on July 13th, 2018 via Graphic Nature/Equal Vision Records. Pre-orders are available now here.

Vocalist Jay Forrest shares:

“After Magnetic North, I felt like we left unfinished business on the table. I think Hopesfall has carried the underdog chip on our shoulder for the majority of our playing career. That’s given us an edge that has defined our music.

Now, we’ve hunkered down and cast our antenna out to tap into this vast creative universe. We’re counting on the listener to complete the creative process and help decode the transmission. Barring World War III, I think this album will stand amongst our best.”

Arbiter has a decidedly unique bend to it, but Brigham points out that it is built off of the same principles as Hopesfall’s previous catalog – “big riffs and dark melodies.” Forrest adds that the driving message of Arbiter remains the same as well:

“Hopes fall. Tragedies happen. But that doesn’t mean you should give up or not stay the course.”

Arbiter is set for release on July 13th via Graphic Nature/Equal Vision Records. It is at once a reminder of why the band has become so influential and a beacon of the its continued evolution. Look for Hopesfall to support the release with select tour dates later this year.

Arbiter track listing:

1. “Faint Object Camera”
2. “H.A. Wallace Space Academy”
3. “Bradley Fighting Vehicle”
4. “C.S. Lucky-One”
5. “Catapult”
6. “Tunguska”
7. “Aphelion”
8. “Drowning Potential”
9. “To Bloom”
10. “Indignation and the Rise of the Arbiter”