Home Above drop “The Start” music video

Band: Home Above
Song: “The Start”
Album: Indecision To Move
Release Date: November 17th, 2017

The group said of the song:

“This guy broke up with this girl and it’s about him living his life trying to move forward, but still missing that special someone. There is no real reason as to why they broke up. This was intentional in my writing to keep it vague and relative. As he goes through life, he thinks about her and what she’s doing. He finds himself desperately missing her and wishes to be her companion, but things happen over time and he just can’t win. 10 years is significant to the idea that time changes everything and a lot can happen over the course of just 10 years. This song also has no resolution, or end for the sake of perspective. Putting the audience in a position to just ‘move on’ from the song just like the character in this song.”


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  • [via New Noise Magazine]