Hollow World streaming new single “Wildfire”; detail new album Exanimate

Australian melodic death quintet Hollow World‘s new single “Wildfire” is now online and can be heard below. The group have also detailed their upcoming record Exanimate, from which the new song is taken. The effort, which is scheduled for release on March 17th is made up of two stories: one about a super virus that wipes out the human race, the second tells of the human race being a virus that wipes out the planet. The stories intertwine as the album plays out, exploring the similarities between what a virus does to a living body and the destruction that people are inflicting on the planet. Vocalist Ben Roberts said of the album:

“While writing the lyrics for the album I was very conscious not to take an angst-ridden approach towards it – but to have more of a sense of focused anger. To have frustrations directed in a certain direction, and to develop a story where the audience could be easily receptive to it. I wanted to be precise with my aggression and I really feel I’ve captured that. In recent years I’ve been becoming increasingly angry at the culture of mass consumption we seem to have enveloped ourselves in, with no regard for the flow-on effect this might have – not just on the natural environment – but also on the way we live our lives and develop ideals. We have developed this idea that everything is disposable, everything can be replaced by something newer and better and it is showing in the way people interact with everything, from personal property to the way they treat other people. Exanimate is a volatile reaction to this.”

Exanimate was produced, mixed, and mastered by Ermin Hamidovic from Systematic Productions (Devin Townsend Project, Periphery, Betraying The Martyrs). Pre-orders are now live via the band’s webshop. Previously released single “Defiling Paradise” can also be heard below.

Exanimate track listing:

1. “Agartha”
2. “Defiling Paradise”
3. “Patient Zero”
4. “Systematic Refinement”
5. “Wildfire”
6. “Infect, Replace, Disintegrate”
7. “Reverse Transcription”
8. “Pyres”
9. “Everything Rots”
10. “Desolation”
11. “Exanimate”