Hold Close issue video for new single “Tropical Depression”

Band: Hold Close
Song: “Tropical Depression”
Album: Time
Release Date: January 18th, 2019
Label: Hopeless Records

Guitarist Jessee Everett said of the new single:

‘Tropical Depression’ is a song about being depressed in a relationship and how that affects it. It’s about how it’s not always the other partner’s fault, because depression is a mental illness that can leech onto anyone. It’s about dealing with that depression together. If you have a loved one that is depressed, you can’t just give up on them or allow it to swallow you. You’ve got to embrace it and help them through it. Or vice versa. The song can be taken a lot of different ways but it’s definitely not a break up song.”

Regarding their newly released debut Time and what he’d like fans to take away from the effort, vocalist Braxton Smiley said:

“Definitely the very first line on the record: ‘Time will always heal’. Just give it time, everything is better. We all go through the same shit, you know. Whether it be everyday struggle stuff or family stuff or relationship or friendship or money or anything, it’s all good. Be positive. In time, it’ll just become how you want it to be.”


Time track listing:

  1. “Time”
  2. “Hang Tight”
  3. “Breath”
  4. “Cast Me Away”
  5. “Who Will?”
  6. “Tropical Depression”
  7. “Here Again”
  8. “Absent To Reality”
  9. “Cloud9”
  10. “Aura”
  11. “Separation”