Hissing sign with Profound Lore Records; announce Permanent Destitution LP, stream new track “Eulogy In Squalor”

Photo by: Toby Hockenbury

Official press release:

Seattle, Washington’s death harsh metal trio Hissing has signed with Profound Lore Records for the release of their impending debut full-length release, Permanent Destitution. The LP is slated for release on October 26th, the label this week issuing pre-orders for the record as well as the lead single, “Eulogy In Squalor”.

Hissing engages in dark, dissonant, cacophonous, inverted death metal drenched in noise, and with Permanent Destitution the band has created a nihilistic vision of deranged otherworldly auditory pandemonium. A soundscape of pure enveloping darkness and unrelenting chaos, Permanent Destitution deconstructs and builds itself through the walls and layers of pummeling audial turmoil and disarray generated through twisted angular guitar work and fretboard annihilation, surgically cold yet constructed and calculated death march drum ornamentations, and monolithic bass pulsations that become interspersed with an overall dark overbearing ambience. With already being at the mercy of Hissing’s punishing sound fabric, that added touch of droning noise segments, also crucial to the band’s sound, mixed with the doomy industrial components become that final element to make Permanent Destitution a towering monument of primal avant-deathnoise.

Experience the first audio from Hissing’s Permanent Destitution and stream “Eulogy In Squalor” below.

Profound Lore will release Permanent Destitution on LP, CD, and digital platforms on October 26th; watch for pre-orders and more audio samples to be released shortly.

Permanent Destitution track listing:

1. “Backwards Descent”
2. “Pablum Abundance”
3. “Eulogy In Squalor”
4. “It Without More”
5. “Cascading Failures”
6. “Perdurance”

Hissing is:

Zach Wise – bass/vocals
Joe O’Malley – guitars
Sam Pickel – drums