His Dream Of Lions announce new EP Pseudo Star, drop video for new single “Love Me Like I’m Sick”

Band: His Dream Of Lions
Song: “Love Me Like I’m Sick”
Album: Pseudo Star EP
Engineered by: Ben Green
Mixed by by: Ben Green
Mastered by: Ben Green
Recorded at: Ivakota Studios
Release Date: February 16, 2018

Lead singer Seth Coggeshall said of the EP:

Pseudo Star is about that feeling. It captures that feeling not only with the subject matter of the songs, but also in the tonal extremes the record sits in between. Pseudo Star is funny, yet serious. It can at times be epic, and other times intimate. We’re playing fun rock music that has moments that sound really empowering. However the lyrics, and the sentiments in the songs don’t portray a confident or powerful person. Instead I sound unsure, and a little self-deprecating. Despite all this though, the point of Pseudo Star isn’t to encourage listeners to revel in self-doubt, or self-pity. It’s about effort in the face of uncertainty. It’s hard to know where you’re heading. And maybe we will always feel like were at the halfway point. Always feel like a Pseudo Star…But Pseudo Star still shine, and that’s more than enough reason to press on.”


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