Hideous Divinity premiere “Angel Of Revolution”

Hideous Divinity have unleashed an audio stream of their new song “Angel Of Revolution”. Guitarist Enrico Schettino elaborates on the track:

“Where did all this come from? Anger and frustration. Time was running out, recording sessions were approaching, and still, something was missing. The Riff was not there. Yet. Hours were spent listening, relistening, writing, and rewriting, and nothing. Almost giving up, it came. The Riff. Straight, simple, impulsive. The rest was easy: Stefano [Franceschini] came along with his punishing bassline and [vocalist] Enrico H. with the lyrics, one of his most memorable entrances ever. Listen to it: You will notice something different. Peculiar. What you hear is A Note. Ladies and gentlemen, here’s ‘Angel Of Revolution’, the straight-to-the-face smasher of the album.”

The Italian death unit’s new album Adveniens is set to drop on April 28th through Unique Leader Records. Pre-orders are available from the label’s IndieMerch and Bandcamp.

[via Earsplit PR]