Herod issue video for new track “Fork Tongue” feat. Bill Steer of Carcass

Band: Herod
Song: “Fork Tongue” feat. Bill Steer
Album: Sombre Dessein
Release Date: February 15th, 2019
Label: Pelagic Records

The group said of the song:

“When [vocalist/guitarist] Michael Pilat and [founding guitarist] Pierre Carroz worked on the lyrics, they came up with a concept made out of ideas and punch lines Pierre had been collecting for a few months. At that time, Pierre was reading the works of a French philosopher Michel Onfray who introduced him to the idea of the inescapable end of our civilization as a Greek tragedy. We all have studied the history of ancient civilizations that have collapsed at some point, but it is like we cannot face the idea that we might reach the end of our civilization that started about 2000 years ago. After brainstorming, they decided to build the lyrics with the concept of the rise and fall of a dictator, which is also a tip of the cap to King Herod. Design-wise, Pierre had the idea of the ‘shipbreakers’ when he saw the documentary Freightened that talks about the cargo freight which ships 90% of what we consume in social, economic, and environmentally disastrous conditions. “


[via Invisble Oranges]