Herod issue lyric video for “Silent Truth”

Band: Herod
Song: “Silent Truth”
Album: Sombre Dessein
Release Date: February 15th, 2019
Label: Pelagic Records

The group said of the song:

‘Silent Truth’ is the first lyric video for the band. We decided to make a lyric video for ‘Silent Truth’ because it summarizes the concept of Sombre Dessein. Our thermo-industrial civilization will eventually come to end and be replaced by another civilization. It has always been on the cards. Our civilization has no values anymore. Civilizations have always been founded/established by the power and assistance of war. We live in a critical moment in history where only a few humans ready to die for their beliefs can put a powerful nation on their knees. Who would die today for a smartphone or a couch?! We are exhausted and immersed in our own inertia; we have nihilism but no fervor anymore.”