Heirsound premiere “Slow Motion” music video

Heirsound have debuted the music video for their new track “Slow Motion”. The duo’s Alexa San Roman said of the clip:

“The filming of this video was especially intimate as it was usually just Me, Dane, my sister Sam & best friend Kelsey. My sister was going through a transition in her own life at the time & I felt like she was the perfect subject for our video considering its message so we just rolled with it. She is a photographer & I wanted to make the video as real as possible so I basically just followed her around while we went on trips around the US. Although this video is less straight-forward color wise, orange sunsets & fire tie our EP’s theme into this music video. This song, its message & video all mean a lot to us & we hope that our fans can connect with it the way that we do.”

The song appears on the group’s debut EP Merge, which is scheduled to hit stores on August 5th. Pre-order it now on iTunes.

[via Bullett Magazine]