Heart Tide streaming new song “Lights, Camera, Action”

An audio visualizer for the latest from Finnish outfit Heart Tide’s “Lights, Camera, Action” is streaming. The band’s Samu Hietainen comments:

“What’s cool about this record is that it really does show many different styles of music in just under four minutes. It’s the first time I rap or do screaming vocals so vocally it was a nice challenge. I have wanted to sing, rap and scream on one song for really long time and this was the chance to do it. It also ties in with the lyrics because they are about my relationship with songwriting in general. Just like I spit in the song, it is my passion and I want people to know it. There’s all that and there’s hip hop influence on the drums and beats. And as a drummer it’s fun one to play for sure. It’s ambitious, it’s fresh.”

Get the track now via iTunes, Google Play, or Amazon. Stay tuned for more for Heart Tide coming later this year.