Hawthorne Heights premiere “Just Another Ghost” music video

Band: Hawthorne Heights
Song: “Just Another Ghost”
Directed by: Benny Gagliardi
Album: Bad Frequencies
Release Date: April 27th, 2018
Label: Pure Noise Records

Frontman JT Woodruff had the following to say of the song:

‘Just Another Ghost’ is a song about floating through life, and the anxiety that comes with the feeling that life is passing you by. One second you are having the time of your life, and the next second you feel all alone. Your mood can go from euphoria to panic, until you eventually feel you aren’t even there, or you are invisible.”

Regarding the video, Woodruff said of it:

“We wanted to have a video that matched that feeling and emotion, which is why we shot in two entirely different locations. We put flyers on the wall at Slidebar from life changing shows that each member of HH personally went to when we were growing up. Then to capture the sadness and loneliness we drove out to Slab City California in a location that was perfectly isolation, like in a dream. We wanted it to look like two entirely different worlds, because that’s how life can feel sometimes. Anxiety is powerful, and we wanted to capture that raw feeling.”


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