Hatebreed frontman Jamey Jasta discusses the first four tracks of The Concrete Confessional in new video

A new video has been released in which Hatebreed frontman Jamey Jasta discusses the inspiration behind the first four tracks of his band’s new record The Concrete Confessional. Some excerpts from the video can be found below. On “A.D.”, Jasta says:

‘A.D.’ was the track from the get, what we knew was strong, it was fast, it was brutal, it had that quality that you want for the opening track on a album.”

With “Looking Down The Barrel Of Today”, Jasta explains:

“The day is either going to control you or you are going to control it. You’re either holding the barrel or you’re getting it pointed at you. I thougt it was a great second track just to keep that flow. Really heavy, really fast, right out of the gate.”

On third track “Seven Enemies” – which deals with the seven deadly sins – he states:

“A lot of those things lead to destructive lifestyle patters. People gravitate toward their vices and sins and it dooms them…and then that starts affecting the people around them. It’s a short, heavy song, and we know that the pit will erupt when we get it into the set.”

Speaking of the record’s fourth cut “In The Walls” Jasta offered:

“It’s something different for us, but it’s also really a fast, heavy, hardcore track, that reminds me of old-school Hatebreed.”

The Concrete Confessional is due next Friday, May 13th through Nuclear Blast. Pre-orders are available through MerchNOW, the label’s webstore, on iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon.