Hatchet release “Desire For Oppression” music video

Band: Hatchet
Song: “Desire For Oppression”
Album: Dying To Exist
Release Date: June 22nd, 2018
Label: Combat Records, EMP Label Group

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  • Dying To Exist track listing:

    1. “Unraveling Existence”
    2. “Silent Genocide”
    3. “Desire For Oppression”
    4. “Illusions Of Hope”
    5. “Warsaw”
    6. “Where Futures Regress”
    7. “Back Into Dust”
    8. “Final Sanctuary”
    9. “Descent Into Madness”
    10. “Oblivious To Disorder”
    11. “Hail To The Lies”
    12. “World In A World”