Has Blake Judd fallen back on old habits?

Last year Nachtmystium frontman Blake Judd was arrested on theft charges after angering several friends and fans for ripping them off. Now, it appears that the man behind one of American black metal’s most heralded bands is at it again. This time, the issue is that Judd has allegedly failed to full his obligation to send pre-order packages for the band’s most recent offering, The World We Left Behind.

Weeks prior to the incident Metalsucks reached out to Judd to inquire about the situation after receiving numerous emails regarding his transgression. The guitarist/vocalist replied saying:

“I am simply waiting for Century Media to deliver my copies of the new album [The World We Left Behind] so I can send out the preorder bundles… I’ve posted about it repeatedly on our page. We did a preorder bundle for a signed CD or LP plus tshirt and patch package…. I have everything except the records, which I expect this week. When they arrive, everything goes out.”

Here’s something of a timeline of the events leading up to this news. The World We Left Behind dropped on August 5th, the exchange between Metalsucks and Judd took place on August 11th. Now, it’s the 26th and as yesterday Metalsucks was still getting emails from outraged fans. It’s gotten to the point where fans started this Facebook page.

Things don’t look good for Nachtmystium and it certainly doesn’t help that the band recently took down their Facebook page. When more information concerning this dilemma appears we’ll be sure to let you know.