Hangman premiere new track “Abandoned” featuring Neglect’s Brian Zoid

Band: Hangman
Song: “Abandoned” feat. Brian Zoid
Album: A Vile Decree EP
Release Date:
Label: Flatspot Records

Exclusively streaming via Decibel

Guitarist Mike Smith said of working with Zoid:

“I actually met John Lafata (drummer of Neglect, Mind Over Matter, Madball) at a Leeway show in Amityville, NY. We ripped a few drinks and got to talking about hardcore, mainly how we both grew up in Lindenhurst playing in bands and skating. We ended up meeting up and wrote a few songs. He knew how big of an impact Neglect had on me and surprised me by bringing Brian to a show we played with Agnostic Front. It was the first show Brian had been at in 15 years. He moshed for Hangman, and was all over the room and stage for Agnostic Front. He told us we gave him the itch! ‘Abandoned’ was already written, and I wanted to see if being a part of the song would be something he would be into. Lafata gave me some contact info, and he got back to me later that day saying he was down! We met at a 711 in Melville so I can give him the songs that were burned on a CD ’cause he didn’t know how to pull the files up, download them and shit. We hung out and talked outside that 711 for about an hour, hour and a half, from beating skinheads up back in the day to crazy stories he had from when Neglect went over to Europe. He’s a great guy, a good friend, and I’m happy that he is happy to be a part of this release. Much respect to Neglect, Brian, and Lafata for giving me, some random kid the time of day at that Leeway show. Love you guys.”

Zoid speaks of the experience, offering:

“I was introduced to Hangman through John (Neglect) in Amityville. They are all real down to earth, no attitudes and have that fire for the hardcore scene. It’s been a long time since I had been to any shows, I’ve just been living off the grid, stocking rice and rounds waiting for society to implode. At the Agnostic Front and Hangman show, it had gotten back into my blood… I guess it never really leaves, it just gets reactivated.

The guys from Hangman asked if I would be interested in singing parts of a new track they were working on for their recording. My only condition was that I needed to read the lyrics. I wouldn’t sing anything that I didn’t stand behind. A lot has changed for me. Revelations has some really hardcore connections to things that are happening right now in this horrible world, a real ‘No Tomorrow’ situation. All that being said, I read the lyrics, and they were really well written and had a good core message. So I agreed.”


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