GWAR perform without costumes as their own cover band

GWAR have always been a special hard rock/metal band because I don’t think any other band can perform as their own cover band, something the Richmond, VA outfit did this past Monday. The scumdogs performed sans costumes/makeup as RAWG (GWAR backwards, how about that? Well played.). Fan-filmed footage of the performance can be seen below, along with a shot of Vulvatron’s “impersonator” tweeted by the frontwoman.

GWAR kicked off their GWAR Eternal Tour today, their first since the passing of frontman Dave Brockie. The band’s “manager” Sleazy P. Martini delivered the following message via the band’s Facebook page regarding continuing on without the late great Oderus Urungus:

Because I like you guys, have some more RAWG footage courtesy of a fellow bohab.