Gozu stream new song “Big Casino”

Stoner rock quartet Gozu are streaming a new song by the name of “Big Casino”. Frontman Marc Gaffney said of the song:

“I wrote ‘Big Casino’ while watching Sam Peckinpah’s Pat Garrett & Billy The Kid as it was the nickname of James Coburn’s character. The riff came to me while watching it and I just so happened to have my guitar in my hands. The song is a story of how the mind can create either chaos or joy since Coburn’s character is viewed as an undesirable. His mind is in constant attack mode and it weighs on him to the point of breaking. In terms of it fitting in with the rest of the album, I feel it’s really what the band was going after, a riff that you could get funky to and if it came on in the car, you’d be doing a hundred in a thirty zone. It fits lyrically with the substance of the album, a psychological journey of mind, body and soul.”

“Big Casino” is taken from the group’s forthcoming studio effort Revival, which drops on June 10th on Ripple Music. Pre-orders can be picked up through the label here.

[via No Clean Singing]